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Spekulative Eintöpfe

Workshop zur gemeinschaftlichen, exemplarischen Untersuchung von lokalen Materialkreisläufen und Verarbeitungsprozessen im ländlichen Raum / Prof. Johanna Dehio in Kooperation mit Jan Lindenberg / Projekt WERKstube Gerswalde.

Experimental investigations towards (g-)local material cycles, (non-/) material cultural assets and new traditions - workshop about clay, fire and food from 3rd to 10th of november 2019 in Gerswalde.

Where and when does a tradition start to exist and take shape? Is it a paradoxical idea to intentionally invent new rituals? How many persons, how much time and how many repetitions does it need in order to claim a new habit? And how could traditional ways and new layers of realities merge within these? Can we combine craft techniques with scientific knowledge, economical and political systems with traditional rituals and social gestures in an experimental way and thereby discover new cultures? Can we interpret the process of the genesis of traditions in a performative way?

We find ourselves in the remote countryside of Uckermark in a village "to small to be a city" but with a dense tissue of historical and new illustrious stories regarding the local and incurred residents escaping from flooded cities. Investigating local food resources and cooking preferences ranging from fresh vegetables and marmalade from Renate's garden-shop at the corner and Maries harvest from "der grosse Garten" to discounter quality shopping products, the "farmers" update our romantic outsiders interest of wild found roots, leaves and fruits with different layers of actual realities.

With the "crafts-women", we experience the whole material cycle from digging the clay in a remote forest to forming vessels and burning them in several fire burning techniques obtaining a black surface through oxygen reduction process making them suitable for cooking. The "chroniclers" finally, observing both processes and developing languages to communicate with people from the village, hold the whole group together and prepare the collective findings culminating in a performative dinner invitation on saturday evening.

The collective imaginary work of "spekulative Eintöpfe" could not be done without all 3 groups trading and exchanging ideas, information and labour among each other. There is no specific goal to reach or purpose to fulfill - except of undergoing real experiences and learning to act together as a group, considerate and respectful of its surrounding. On that we come back together enriched and awake, open and satisfied!

Teilnehmer*innen: Ari Cho, Patricia Feliu, Nick Guse, Jia Kim, Chenyu Quian, Valerio Sampognaro, Mu-Heng Tsai, Yan Yan, Veronica Andres, Delia Prezioso, Charlotte Spiegelfeld

Spekulative Eintöpfe