Marlene Huissoud

Discussion & Introduction of our new guest professor

"Some people call me an artist, others a designer, and some a weirdo."

Marlene Huissoud is an experimental designer that works as a freelance designer for different companies alongside the art & design areas. In 2014, she graduated from a MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins’ School of Art and Design in London where she developed the project From Insects.
We have to think about the future!

On the one hand, the future of the guest professorship at the HfbK, which we have filled with the wonderful Marlene Huissoud, as well as the future of all of us!
At the same time, the very term "design" seems quite confrontational towards the idea of sustainability. Design is still often associated with unnecessary consumption and environmental pollution, although many designers worldwide have long been interested in obtaining sustainable materials and concepts. But are there perhaps other approaches? Marlene Huissoud is rethinking design in a whole new way, while she doesn't have a crystal ball with her, she does have some very inspiring approaches and insights into her work and philosophy.

... nature leads us?